RenovaLase Vaginal Atrophy Laser Treatment

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RenovaLase Vaginal Atrophy Laser Treatment


One of the causes of pain during sexual intercourse is vaginal atrophy.

This extremely common condition occurs most commonly due to hormonal changes at menopause. More than half of post menopausal women put up with it, accepting it as
natural, not even knowing it is a problem with a solution.

Whilst many women feel embarrassed about seeking help for this condition, it is important for them to realise that an effective but painless and side effect free treatment is now available.

Remedy Laser is pleased to announce the availability of RenovaLaseTM, our latest laser treatment especially tailored for vaginal atrophy. Our understanding doctors are ready to listen and help.

For more information about RenovaLaseTM see our new webpage dedicated to vaginal atrophy.