Using high precision laser systems that work at different skin layers, from the surface to deep skin, we provide highly effective, chemical free cosmetic treatments ranging from minor alterations to laser facelifts.

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Facial Rejuvenation




Hair Removal



Lesion Removal


Scar Revision



The Advantages of TwinLight

The first step in ensuring safe laser treatments is an accurate determination of someone’s skin type. It is imperative that this is done correctly. Laser treatments must be performed using appropriate settings for any particular skin type. Only then can safety be ensured whilst still giving the desired result. When correctly used, our lasers are safe to use on all skin types including darker complexions.

The Fitzpatrick scale classifies a person’s skin type, based on their typical burning or tanning response to sun exposure.
It categorises six different skin types ranging from I to VI.


Our Philosophy

We don’t want to be obvious when it comes to cosmetic treatments. We feel it is best that people see you as appearing younger, more attractive and healthier, without realising you’ve had any procedures performed.

To this end we only use laser treatments that are proven to be effective, without a significant chance of side effects, and involving minimal or no downtime.

As far as injectables go, it is important to be judicious with their use. All too often one sees people who have been overfilled with dermal fillers, leading to easily recognisable features such as a ‘trout pout’. Similarly, overuse of botulinum can lead to an expressionless appearance.

By offering a range of cosmetic treatments including lasers, injectables and skin care products, at Remedy Laser we feel we are well placed to recommend the optimal treatment option for any cosmetic concern.

We will always tell you if better cosmetic procedures are available elsewhere. For instance, we have yet to acquire a laser well suited to treating pigmentation or removing tattoos. Until we do so, we will direct you elsewhere to have those issues managed, rather than recommending any less than ideal treatments at Remedy Laser.

We want to provide only the best possible, safest and most effective state of the art treatments.