Most hair removal methods including waxing, electrolysis and even procedures performed at many other laser clinics can be extremely painful. Remedy Laser uses advanced technology and techniques for almost painless laser hair reduction even without any skin cooling.


Introducing Avalanche FRAC3

At Remedy Laser, we use an advanced medical grade Nd:YAG laser for hair removal. Unlike other Nd:YAG hair removal methods that use a laser pulse with a duration of 15-50 ms, our laser system is optimised to deliver laser energy in extremely short times of less than 2 ms.

“Avalanche” refers to the use of multiple laser passes over the same area. This enables lower laser power to be used.

The use of repeated but shorter, lower powered laser pulses enables hair removal with minimal risk of damage to the skin.

Advantages of Avalanche FRAC3 when compared to other laser hair removal methods include:

  • improved effectiveness
  • reduced discomfort
  • no need for skin cooling


How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal goes right to the root of an unwanted hair problem, the hair follicle itself. Our laser emits a precise beam of light which penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the melanin (pigment) of a hair shaft within the hair follicle. The laser energy causes the hair shaft to heat up and this destroys the hair follicle itself.


Stages of hair growth

Hair growth occurs in cycles that involve three phases:

Anagen – active growth phase

Catagen – a short transition phase

Telogen – resting phase at end of which the hair is shed


At the end of each cycle the hair is shed before the cycle starts again.

Only follicles in the anagen phase will be damaged by laser treatment.


Why is more than one session needed?

Any hair follicle destroyed during a laser hair removal session will never grow hair again. At any one time though, there will be other hair follicles in the skin that are in a different growth phase and unaffected by laser treatment. This is why permanent hair reduction will require multiple treatment sessions. In general at least six regular treatment sessions, spaced between four and six weeks apart, are recommended. Some areas, such as the back in men, might require even more sessions.


Are there any precautions before and after treatment?

It is important to stop plucking or waxing hair for several weeks before laser treatment, but it is good to shave all hair in the area to be treated a couple of days before.

There is no down-time following treatment but some mild redness might be seen in treated areas for a few days.


Pricing for hair removal

Prices in bold refer to a package of 6 treatments paid in advance

This represents getting six treatments for the price of five


(Prices in brackets refer to cost if added to another hair removal service of equal or greater value at the same visit)

Patch Test 50

Necessary before any of the following treatments


Level A

side of face / nose / lip / chin / ears / areola / snail trail

60 (20) 300 (100)

Level B

neck / hands & fingers / underarms / bikini / feet & toes

100 (40) 500 (200)

Level C

full face / shoulders / stomach / female brazilian

140 (60) 700 (300)

Level D

half arms / chest / half back

240 (140) 1200 (700)

Level E

arms / back / half legs

320 (200) 1600 (1000)

Level F

full legs

400 2000
Full body 700 3500




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