Non-Surgical Treatment for Bladder Leakage and Prolapse

Our Precision Medical Lasers are highly effective in treating all forms of Prolapse and Stress Incontinence

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What our Patients have to say

Pelvic floor weakness is no longer hindering my lifestyle. I would highly recommend the team at Remedy Plus Medical Clinic in Chatswood and their Incontilase treatment to anyone who would like freedom from stress incontinence affecting their life. - Belinda Mark

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Why Remedy Plus?

Precise, effective, and safe

Our lasers are a class apart from those most frequently found in beauty salons and most other laser clinics. They are of a medical grade, and have some unique capabilities opening up a range of groundbreaking medical treatments.

Virtually painless

Most women do not feel any pain during the procedure. There can be a sensation of heat at times, but this can be easily relieved by a local anaesthetic gel.

No downtime, no complications

It is truly a walk in and walk out procedure, with no preparation required prior to the treatment and no reported problems with the treatment. There's no need for pain killers or antibiotics

Surgical alternative

Unlike surgery, none of our lasers involved injections, cutting, bleeding, or sutures of any kind and are just as effective in many cases.

Over 25 years experience

Dr Masi has experience in various fields of medicine and as a GP, including histopathology, skin cancer management, and cosmetic medicine.

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Do you leak urine when you walk quickly, jog or exercise?

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Do you leak urine when you are undressing to go to the toilet?

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Do you have to rush to the bathroom because of a sudden strong urge to pass urine?

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Do you get such a strong, uncomfortable need to pass urine that you wet yourself before reaching the bathroom?

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You seem to be Incontinence Free!

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You seem to have Stress Incontinence

Our doctors would be very confident of eliminating your bladder leakage using IncontiLase™.

You seem to have a Combination of Urge and Stress Incontinence

IncontiLase™ should stop you leaking urine when you cough, sneeze, bend down, lift something, jog or exercise. It should improve your urge incontinence, but might not completely eliminate it.

You seem to have Urge Incontinence

IncontiLase™ is unfortunately of no use in treating this type of incontinence. You should ask your GP about a referral to a urologist.

If you would like to see any of our other available Medical Laser Treatments, click here to visit Remedy Plus


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