Ear microsuction is the safest and most comfortable way of removing blockage of the ears caused by wax, infection or any other material in the ear canal. Remedy+ is the only ear clinic in Sydney where a doctor checks your ear to make an accurate diagnosis and complete ear microsuction if necessary.

Ear micro-suction is performed using an operating microscope and a low pressure suction device. It can be safely used even when there’s been previous damage or perforation of the eardrum.

Being able to clearly look into your ear while gently sucking out any blockage makes the procedure much safer than the old method of syringing your ear with water. Complications such as infection and damage to an eardrum are much less likely.


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What is cerumen?

Cerumen is the medical term for ear wax. The production of ear wax is normal and needed. Ear wax plays an important role in protecting, cleaning and lubricating the lining of the ear canal.

Cerumen is made up of the secretions of glands lining the ear canal. It also contains shed skin cells, hair and other debris.

Cerumen is normally cleared from the ear, but in people who produce more ear wax than is needed or in whom there is a blockage of the ear canal (such as with the use of hearing aids), the normal clearing process of the ear can be overwhelmed. This can lead to a build-up of ear wax within the ear canal, potentially causing hearing loss, itching, discomfort or other symptoms.


How have people removed ear wax?

Cotton buds

Most people can’t resist the urge to remove ear wax using a cotton bud. Whilst this might remove a little bit of the cerumen, doctors advise against this because it actually pushes most of it further into the ear canal. Even more alarmingly, there is a significant risk of perforation of the eardrum.


A cotton bud is much longer than the ear canal.
Ear wax can often be located close to the eardrum.
Trying to remove ear wax using a cotton bud is dangerous.
Without extreme caution it is easy to damage the eardrum.
In the worst case it is possible to cause a perforation (a hole in the eardrum)

Syringing of the ear

Most GPs treat excessive cerumen in the ear by a process called syringing. This involves the use of a special tool (a large metal syringe) that forces water into the ear at high pressure. This procedure can be uncomfortable and sometimes causes ear infections. Syringing can even damage the ear drum and tear a hole (perforation) in it.


Some people have a perforated eardrum without realising it.
The perforation might not be visible if wax is present in the ear.
Syringing the ear can force water into the inner ear canal (the part of the ear past the eardrum).
This can cause serious complications such as infection and hearing loss.


Cerumenolytics are wax softeners. They include medicinal olive oil and other commercially prepared ear drops. They are safe to use for ear wax removal, but only work when the wax buildup is not too excessive or impacted.


At Remedy Plus we recommend the use of cerumenolytics prior to an ear micro-suction procedure, as softening the wax makes removal easier.

Don’t even think about it!

People have resorted to many dangerous methods to remove ear wax. The old adage, “never put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow”, is good advice. Don’t even think about using a paperclip, a safety pin, a toothpick….. anything! Non medical methods, such as ear candling, do not work and can be damaging (imagine molten wax dripping into your ear).




The advantages of ear micro-suction

Unlike the ‘blind’ syringing performed by most doctors, the use of a microscope during ear micro-suction allows the ear wax (and important structures such as the eardrum) to be directly viewed while it is being removed. This provides the following benefits:

  • safe
  • quick
  • comfortable (no pain)
  • no water or any other fluids needed
  • no mess
  • can be used even if the eardrum has been previously perforated
  • can be used to remove foreign bodies from the ear
  • can be useful in removing excessive discharge caused by ear infections
  • can be used in both children and the elderly


The process – less than half an hour to pristine ears

Your ears will first be viewed using an otoscope (a special hand-heldtool for visualising inside the ear canal) or a microscope. This enables us to see whether and how much wax is present, and if there are other problems such as foreign bodies or ear infections.

If ear micro-suction is recommended, you will be asked to lie on a bed and a small cone will be gently placed in your ear. A specially trained registered nurse will begin performing the procedure.

You will be asked to keep your head still whilst a special operating microscope is positioned to allow your ear canal and ear drum to be clearly seen.

A thin tube attached to a specially designed medical suction device will then be carefully introduced into your ear canal. This is done whilst the microscope provides an excellent view, so there very little chance of damage to the lining of your ear canal or the ear drum.

Wax, or any other material in your ear canal, is gently suctioned away.

Our doctor will check that the procedure has been completely successful. If there is any further material to be removed, he will perform more microsuction. If there is an ear infection he will prescribe the appropriate treatment.




On the rare occasion that all the wax or other material can’t be completely removed using micro-suction, your ear will be irrigated using a specially designed ear washing machine. This does involve the introduction of fluid into the ear, but it is done in a much more gentle way than the antiquated practice of syringing.

“The Propulse® NG sets new standards in ear irrigation. Its patented and unique features create an irrigation system that is convenient and patient friendly.”


Remedy+ Ear Microsuction Clinic strongly recommends the use of a wax softener for at least two days prior to your appointment. Failure to do so increases the chance that all of the ear wax cannot be removed in one visit.



Pricing for ear micro-suction


Standard $140
Concession $120 (for Health Care Card holders)


$80 will still be charged if, after an examination, no microsuction is needed (about $40 of this can be claimed back from Medicare).


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