Our clinic

Remedy Laser was founded in 2014 by our two principal doctors, Philip and Dayalan, both of whom have over 25 years of experience in various fields of medicine.

It is one of the first clinics in Australia to introduce a range of ground breaking and innovative laser treatments for a range of medical conditions. Whilst these treatments are relatively new to this country, they have been used safely and extensively in Europe and The Americas for about 5 years.

Philip and Dayalan, who have been friends since meeting at University, are thrilled to open this Chatswood clinic as their first joint venture. With the increasing awareness of the availability of these new treatments, they look forward to helping even more of their clients lead healthier and happier lives. An added bonus is the ability of their lasers and expertise to provide a comprehensive range of cosmetic treatments.

Both our doctors along with Eliza, our laser therapist, have undergone extensive training in both the aesthetic and medical use of modern lasers.




Our people

Dr Dayalan Masi

Dayalan grew up in country NSW before completing his medical degree at Sydney University.After his graduation in 1988, he worked in the hospital system for a number of years pursuing a special interest in histopathology, before running his own GP practice for more than a decade.

For the last 15 years he has focussed on a number of his more specific interests from skin cancer management to cosmetic medicine, both of which he still pursues today.

His interest in cosmetic medicine led him more recently to the use of lasers, both for aesthetics and the management of a range of medical conditions.

Dr Philip Mathen
Philip has lived in Sydney for most of his life and graduated in medicine at Sydney University in 1988. Having undergone extensive post-graduate training in internal medicine, he has a special interest in medicine at the cutting edge.

He has worked in intensive care for most of his professional life, and continues to work in this capacity at Macquarie University Hospital.

He also works as a preventative health practitioner for the corporate and business community.

The opportunity to be at the front line in the provision of the newest technologies has led him to the pioneering use of lasers in medicine.

Eliza Nicholas
Eliza grew up in the Hunter Valley, where she trained to be a nurse. She moved to Sydney in 2013, and now calls its inner west her home.

She has worked as a receptionist, nurse and more recently a laser therapist in Newcastle for a number of years. Having been with Remedy Laser since its inception, she brings to it a sparkling personality and a thoroughly professional manner.

She is our resident expert on the use of lasers in the provision of a range of cosmetic treatments including facial rejuvenation, the management of vascular lesions and hair removal.


Our lasers

The term ‘laser’ might sound intimidating but the technology we utilise here at Remedy Laser is completely safe, thoroughly trialled and tested, and capable of extreme precision.

Our European laser manufacturer was founded in 1964, only four years after the invention of the very first laser. It is the oldest continually operating laser company in the world with a history of over 50 years of innovation.

Our lasers are a class apart from those most frequently found in beauty salons and most other laser clinics. They are of a medical grade, and while capable of performing all the cosmetic tasks of lesser machines, they have some unique capabilities opening up a range of innovative and groundbreaking medical treatments.

At Remedy Laser, we use lasers of two types:

ErYAG laser


This laser predominantly exerts its effect on the water present in biological tissue. At its most basic settings, it is primarily used for resurfacing of the skin and removal of superficial skin lesions. It can be used both as a solid or fractionated beam. It is a safe laser to use because it can only penetrate a few millimetres into tissue.

Where our Er:YAG laser is different than most is in its ability to use special parameters which merely cause a mild but very effective heating effect. This is utilised in a number of novel treatments for a range of gynaecological conditions as well as snoring and mild sleep apnoea.

NdYAG laser


This laser mainly affects melanin, the pigment that colours your skin, and haemoglobin, which carries oxygen in your blood and gives it a red colour. It is therefore used in cosmetic medicine to treat pigmentation and vascular lesions. It can penetrate quite deeply into tissue, so when used appropriately it is very useful in achieving a skin tightening effect.

Our Nd:YAG laser can also be set to specifically target organisms such as fungi and viruses. It is unique in being able to treat conditions caused by these organisms, such as fungal nail infections and plantar warts. Because it is so specific, it can cure these conditions without causing any destruction of surrounding normal skin.

Most lasers can be used as either full or fractionated beams. A unique property of our laser is its ability to also specifically target skin imperfections utilising our FRAC3 mode. There are a number of ways this an be used to our clients’ benefit, from improving skin surface and tone without causing much redness or downtime, to the most painless methods of hair removal currently available.

full, fractionated and FRAC3 beam
full, fractional and FRAC3 modes – note the minimal damage to the skin with FRAC3


Our location

Remedy Laser is conveniently located at Shop 2, 153 – 157 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood. Our newly renovated home has been purpose built to cater for the range of procedures and treatments we offer our clients. Close to the corner of Penshurst Avenue, we are well situated to major public transport links, and have good availability of on-street parking nearby.


How to find us

By foot
Remedy Laser is a fifteen minute walk along Victoria Avenue from Chatswood Westfield, a two minute walk from Officeworks in Chatswood and only steps away from Penshurst Road.


By car
Parking is available on Victoria Avenue near our clinic.