Snoring is a common problem which can not only be annoying but also cause significant sleep deprivation for both the snorer and their partner. This can lead to daytime drowsiness, irritability, lack of focus and even a decrease in libido. It can be a contributor to relationship difficulties.

Apart from the social implications of snoring, there can also be significant health impacts. Snoring directly increases the risk of having a stroke. This is thought to be due to snoring causing disrupted blood flow through the carotid artery, which supplies oxygen to the brain. The is also a correlation between loud snoring and the risk of heart attack.

Remedy Laser is pleased to introduce NightLase™, a new laser procedure for snoring and mild sleep apnoea developed in Europe and now growing in popularity throughout the world. The doctors at Remedy Laser have special skills in the use of this ground breaking technique.

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What Causes Snoring?

Snoring is caused by breathing through a partly obstructed airway during sleep. The sound is due to a vibration of tissue (mainly the soft palate and uvula). Causes of airway obstruction include:

  • aging leading to laxity of soft tissues in the oral cavity
  • increased fat around the throat due to being overweight
  • alcohol and other drugs relaxing muscles in the throat
  • dropping of the tongue when sleeping on one’s back

Snoring can sometimes be improved without any treatment by losing weight, avoiding excessive alcohol and sleeping on one’s side. If these simple measures are unsuccessful, there are now effective treatments available for snoring.



How has snoring been treated?

This has the potential for significant side effects including bleeding and infection. Scarring and associated problems can also occur.

Mandibular advancement splint
These dental splints are placed in the mouth whilst sleeping. They are uncomfortable to wear, can cause ulceration of the gums or even lead to repositioning of the teeth and an altered bite.

CPAP machine
This very effective treatment for sleep apnoea also stops snoring but is cumbersome to use.


What is NightLase™?

NightLase™ is an effective, safe, non-surgical and virtually painless procedure using an Er:YAG laser.

It is an alternative to dental splints or surgery. It can even eliminate the need for a CPAP machine in those suffering from mild sleep apnoea.

NightLase™ is a simple walk-in and walk-out procedure, with no down time required. There is no preparation required prior to treatment, and there is no need for pain-killers, antibiotics or any other medications after treatment.


Advantages of NightLase™

The NightLase™ laser is a groundbreaking, gentle and effective treatment for snoring and mild obstructive sleep apnoea.

Non surgical
Unlike surgery, NightLase™ doesn’t involve injections, cutting, bleeding or sutures.

Virtually painless
There can be some mild discomfort due to heat during the procedure, but if necessary, this can be easily relieved with a local anaesthetic spray.

No down time
It is truly a walk in and walk out procedure, with no preparation required prior to the treatment and no disruption to activities afterwards.

No complications
There are no reported problems with treatment. There’s no need for pain killers or antibiotics.

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How does NightLase™ work?

NightLase™ opens up the airway at the back of the mouth, by tightening and strengthening lax soft tissues.

The treatment involves application of laser energy to carefully targeted areas of the soft palate, uvula, tonsil area and oropharynx. The base of the tongue can also be treated.

Heating of these tissues causes a contraction of collagen fibres, leading to a tightening and elevation of the soft palate and uvula, as well as a lowering of the tongue.

A reduction in snoring should become apparent immediately after treatment. Neocollagenesis (laying down of new collagen fibres) continues to improve the result in the six months following a course of treatments.

Three treatment sessions are recommended. Whilst an improvement is often noticed after the initial session, subsequent sessions ensure optimal long-lasting relief from snoring.


The degree of airway obstruction can be graded from I-IV. Even a minimal change improves the severity of snoring.



Are there any side effects?

There are no long term complications following a NightLase™ treatment.
In fact, the vast majority of patients experience no side effects at all.

Some people might experience minor issues such as a mild sore throat. Very occasionally, there can be slight ulcerations in the areas treated. Even if this happens, they heal naturally within a week.


The process – you can both sleep well again


Freeing yourself from snoring requires just four visits to Remedy Laser.
snoring and sleep apnoea
Visit 1
One of our doctors will perform a thorough medical assessment to assess your snoring and your suitability for laser treatment. One of the reasons treatment might not be effective is if you are very overweight.


Visit 2
It’s time for your first NightLase™ treatment. There is no special preparation required prior to this treatment, no significant discomfort during treatment, and you might find you snore less that night. You can immediately return to your normal life, but is advisable to avoid hot drinks, hard foods and raising your voice excessively for a few days.


Visit 3
You will have your second NightLase™ treatment 4 weeks later. If there wasn’t sufficient improvement after your first treatment, our doctor might use stronger laser settings.


Visit 4
You will have your third and final NightLase™ treatment 4 weeks later. Hopefully this will result in a long lasting relief from snoring.


Our Specialists

All snoring treatments at Remedy Laser are performed by experienced doctors trained in the appropriate use of medical grade lasers.

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