Why undergo facial surgery when modern laser techniques can often achieve a similar result, without the pain and downtime associated
with going under the knife.


Introducing Fotona 4D

Fotona 4D is a new, non-invasive aesthetic laser treatment that addresses many of the signs of facial ageing including loss of volume, sagging skin, wrinkles, poor skin tone and uneven texture. There are four steps to this procedure:

  • SMOOTH using a non-ablative Er:YAG laser inside the mouth
  • FRAC3 using a fractional Nd:YAG laser
  • PIANO using a full beam ultra-long pulse Nd:YAG laser
  • SupErficial using a mildly ablative Er:YAG laser

The first three of these are unique to the medical grade laser systems used at Remedy Plus. It is important to realise that all laser systems are not created equal.

Each of the four steps is described below. Each targets different areas of the face, at differing tissue levels, to achieve its own aesthetic aim. At Remedy Plus, we sometimes perform these treatments individually for a specific problem, but the real magic happens when all four are combined to achieve a non-surgical laser facelift.



SMOOTH (also known as Intra-oral)

Most clinics performing laser facial rejuvenation only look at treating the outside of the face. With our experience in treating snoring, at Remedy Plus, we understand that a significant tightening effect can be achieved by treating inside the mouth as well. Why tackle a problem in just one way, or from just one side!

The effect of intra-oral treatment is the immediate contraction of collagen fibres in the cheek and lip area, as well as the stimulation of new collagen formation over time. This causes a tightening effect that is particularly effective in reducing the prominence of the nasolabial folds (the line from the side of the nose to to corner of the mouth) and melomental folds (the line from the corner of the mouth to the chin).

The effect achieved is similar to that of a dermal filler, but without the discomfort of having a needle. In fact, the SMOOTH treatment can be extended onto the lips themselves to achieve a plumping effect without using a dermal filler.



A fractional non-ablative laser is used over the exterior surface of the face and neck to restore tone and tightness, and promote a more youthful texture especially in the cheek and jowl areas.



The advantage of a fractional beam over a full beam is that it causes much less tissue damage. FRAC3 spares even more tissue than a fractional beam, whilst specifically targeting deep skin imperfections.



This unique ultra-long pulse treatment is the third step in the Fotona 4D process. The aim of treatment is to cause a safe and rapid bulk tissue heating that restores existing collagen and activates new collagen formation. This promotes skin elasticity and tightening.



This superficial Er:YAG treatment is the last step in Fotona 4D. It is a gentle and extremely controlled light peel used to improve skin smoothness and reduce skin surface irregularities. The aim is to give a refined finish to the skin.


Advantages of Fotona 4D

The combination of Fotona 4D laser treatments is a unique and ground-breaking way of addressing most of the signs of aging.


Unlike surgery, Fotona 4D doesn’t involve injections, cutting, bleeding or sutures. There aren’t even any needles needed!

Virtually painless

There should be no pain, but there will be a warm sensation at times as well as mild pinching sensation in the last stage.

No downtime

It is truly a walk in and walk out procedure, with no preparation required prior to the treatment and no disruption to activities afterwards. In the first few days after the procedure, you might notice some slight redness and a mild peeling of the skin.

No complications

Fotona 4D is safe, with no reported problems over many years of use. It can be used in all skin types, even darker ones which can be damaged by many of the other lasers used in the beauty industry.



Twinlight is another complete facial rejuvenation treatment offered by Remedy Plus. It involves the last three steps of Fotona 4D, but a fractional Er:YAG ablative step is added instead of perioral treatment.


What changes happen as you age?

Aging skin is characterised by a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin in its deeper layers. The loss of elasticity associated with this, along with the repeated action of the muscles we use to show facial expressions, leads to the appearance of wrinkles.

There is also a thinning of its upper layer, which begins to show an increase in blemishes, pigmentation and visible blood vessels. Fine lines appear on its surface.

Changes also happen under the skin, the most important of these being a loss of volume due to a reduction in fat deposits. This causes areas of the face such as the cheeks to drop, leading to the formation of deep folds such as the nasolabial lines (from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth)

The key to facial rejuvenation is addressing all these issues simultaneously. This can’t be achieved through the use of one type of laser alone. That’s why at Remedy Plus we use different types of lasers, both to the skin of the face and from inside the mouth.


The process – reverse years of aging in a few hours

Visit 1

One of our doctors will closely examine your face, and determine the range and severity of aging changes. They will review your medical history and assess your suitability for laser treatment. Based on this, they will recommend Fotona 4D if it is appropriate. On occasion, they might suggest that particular steps be omitted, or that other laser modalities such as fractional resurfacing or even some cosmetic injectables be added.

If you opt to have a laser treatment, a patch test will be performed. It is important not to have had significant sun exposure for a period before laser is used. The patch test may be delayed to a later time if your skin has recently been overly exposed to the sun.


Visit 2

Your laser therapist will perform Fotona 4D or a variation of this. The treatment can take up to 80 minutes. You should notice a significant improvement after this first treatment, but for the best possible results at least two or three further treatments should be performed.


Visit 3

You’ll come back four weeks later for another treatment. This will further refine the facial rejuvenation effect.


Visit 4

The third Fotona 4D treatment will be performed another four weeks later.


Subsequent Visits

In many cases, three treatments would have been enough to achieve a maximal Fotona 4D facial rejuvenation effect. If you and your laser therapist decide that further treatments would be beneficial, these can be carried out at four weekly intervals.

Due to the stimulation of collagen production, the facial rejuvenation effect should actually improve for six months after completion of Fotona 4D treatment. It is advisable to have a further treatment session every 12 months to maintain the effect.


All treatments at Remedy Laser are performed by practitioners trained in the appropriate use of medical grade lasers.


Pricing for facial rejuvenation

Prices in bold refer to a package of 3 treatments paid in advance

This represents a saving of 20% over paying individually

Using an Er:YAG laser

Using a combination of lasers

Patch Test 50

Necessary before any of the following treatments

Using an Nd:YAG laser
Frac3 250 600
Piano 250 600
Frac3 & Piano 450 1080
Fractional 250 600
SupErficial (light peel) 250 600
Fractional & SupErficial 450 1080
Smooth (intra-oral) 300 720
Lip plumping 200 480
Twinlight 800 1920
Fotona 4D 900 2160




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