We are doing our best to keep you safe from coronavirus

At Remedy Plus we have strengthened procedures to ensure everyone is kept safe during their treatments and that we maintain a safe, coronavirus-free environment. It is extremely important that all patients and prospective patients read this document. Our current safety measures are outlined below.


Exclusion of Patients

We ask that any patients who fit any of the following criteria do not enter our premises:

  • You have had any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days
    • runny nose
    • fever (we will check your temperature as you enter)
    • cough
    • sore throat
    • shortness of breath
  • You have been overseas, in Victoria or have been in any current covid-19 hotspot in the last 14 days
  • Anyone you’ve had contact with has had any symptoms or travelled

We are happy to provide any medical advice you might need over the phone during this period. Examples of this might include:

  • Advice about any skin lesions of concern to you
  • You could even send in a clear photo for a medical opinion (is it likely to be a cancer or not?)
  • Advice about ear blockage or pain
  • Advice about any issues relating to incontinence and its management
  • Advice about fungal nail infections or warts


Limiting patient contact

We have limited appointments so there should only be one other patient, at most, in the clinic whilst you are here.

Please come alone. If someone has driven you, they should stay in the car. Only bring a child if they are actually getting treatment.
We would ask that, if there is another patient in the clinic, you try to keep your distance from them (for the protection of both of you). For example, sit in a separate waiting area. We have two.


Hand sanitisation and limiting touch

On entering the clinic, please use the hand sanitiser provided in the waiting area. We will have you use hand sanitiser again once you have entered any of our rooms.

Please refrain from touching anything whilst in the clinic.


Use of masks

Please wear a mask during your visit to the Clinic. If you do not have one, we might ask you to wear one of ours.

We will be wearing a gown and mask. This is done for the protection of yourself, ourselves and other patients. It is possible that someone with no symptoms at all could have coronavirus. None of us wants to be unknowingly responsible for infecting another person.


Attention to door handles

We disinfect door handles, including the entry door, that anyone touches. Please do not take offence at this… one can never be too careful in a situation such as the one we face now.

Please don’t touch any door handles whilst inside. We will open and close all doors for you.


Turning off mobile phones

Any surface that is touched, including a mobile phone, can be a vector for the transmission of disease.

Please turn off your mobile phone before you enter the clinic. Please leave your mobile phone, and other items such as your keys, in your pocket or bag.


Care when using iPads

Our usual practice is to use an iPad to have you enter information or sign consent forms. We will try to enter much of this information ourselves during this period.

If it is necessary to have you use our iPads, we will ask you to use hand sanitiser first. Any iPad that you are required to use will be disinfected before it is handled by anyone else.


Making waiting areas safe

We have removed all unnecessary materials, such as magazines and pamphlets, from our waiting areas. This has been done to ensure that only surfaces that can be easily disinfected remain. All surfaces are disinfected between patients as described in the next section.

Please take a seat on one of our sofas, with hands on your lap, and avoid touching any surfaces (including the sofa itself). Leave your bags and any items you bring into the clinic on the floor, rather than placing them on the sofa.


Disinfection of surfaces

We use a combination of Viraclean (as used by Qantas to disinfect their planes during this pandemic) and Isowipes (isopropyl alcohol) to wipe down all surfaces, especially those that have been touched by a previous patient, before you enter any of our rooms.

We would again ask that you do not unnecessarily touch any surfaces in our consulting or treatment rooms.


Consideration of personal items

Your personal items such as bags, phones and keys can be a vector for the transmission of coronavirus.

We would ask that you place any personal items on one of the chairs in our rooms, rather than on our work surfaces. These chairs will be disinfected before another patient enters the room.


Avoiding contact during payment

Whenever possible we will use contactless payment methods, such as “tapping” your card or phone. If you are required to enter a PIN, you will be asked to use a disinfected pen as a stylus. Please do not touch our EFTPOS terminal.

We would ask that you pay by credit or debit card rather than cash.


Thanks for your cooperation. This is a strange time that we are living in. What we are doing might seem extreme to you, but as always, our prime concern is the health and safety of ALL of our patients.



Dr Dayalan Masi