Introducing our brand new membership program.

club+ membership provides year long benefits and is valid until the end of December of the year it is purchesed.
It costs $300 and can be purchased at any time, but the maximum benefit is obtained by joining in January.


club+ benefits:

Botox at just $10 per unit (a saving of $100 per treatment)

10% off all dermal filler treatments

20% off all cosmetic laser treatments (see links below)

10% off all Aspect Dr cosmeceuticals

Various exclusive club+ specials during the year

Preferred status to model (complimentary treatments) during training sessions.


For more information please contact Eliza at Remedy+ Medical Clinics.


Cosmetic Laser Treatments:

Facial Rejuvenation

Laser Hair Removal

Spider Vein Laser


Cherry Angioma


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