Have a full skin check for less than $50 in June

At the remedy+ skin cancer clinic our aim is to find as many undetected skin cancers as possible

How It Works


Comprehensive skin check

We allow at least 20 minutes for a thorough skin cancer check including soles of feet, between toes, as much scalp as possible and even ear canals.

The cost of this consultation is usually $150, but in June we will only charge $125, if you mention Facebook.

After a Medicare rebate of $75.75, it ends up costing you just $49.25.


Easy Online Booking

Book your consultation online using our booking portal.

Select your appointment (Skin cancer check) and book a time instantly.

If you would like mole mapping it would be best to call 9411 3352 so we can allow more time for your appointment (the booking portal only allows 20 minute appointments).


Optional mole mapping

Digital imaging of any suspicious moles is included as part of your skin check.

If you have many moles though, you might want to opt for full body imaging which allows us to better track changes to your moles over time.

This only costs $34.25 extra ($70 if you don’t have a Medicare card).


Digital imaging and mole mapping help detect melanomas early

The key to preventing skin cancer deaths is finding them early.
Digital imaging is a powerful tool which allows detection of very early melanomas.
Spots of concern can be imaged and compared several weeks later.
Full body imaging can be performed on a regular basis (every year or two). Our software can compare these images and tell us which moles are new or changing so we can focus more specifically on these.

Here’s a link to our skin cancer webpage


Why remedy+ skin cancer clinic?

Decades of experience

Dr Masi has focused primarily on skin cancer medicine for more than 25 years. On average, he treats about 40 skin cancers a week. About half of these are previously undetected (found in people who had no idea they had one).

We don’t just find skin cancers

Why let a skin cancer develop in the first place. We can detect pre-cancerous changes and prescribe medicated creams that can undo sun damage. Some early skin cancers can be treated by freezing them with liquid nitrogen.

Surgery in modern premises

If we do find a skin cancer, most of them can be removed at our clinic in Chatswood with no hospitalisation required. We can employ a range of plastic surgery techniques such as flaps and skin grafts to reduce the likelihood of scarring.

We assess your risk

Most people only need to be checked every year or two, but some might be at higher risk and need more frequent checks.

Digital imaging

We are at the forefront of digital imaging and use software to track moles and help find melanomas as early as possible.

We’re here to help

Feel free to ask us anything about our skin checks and treatments. If you’d like, we’re more than happy to speak to your GP as well.


If you would like to learn more about this offer or have any other questions, please call 02 9411 3352 or send us an enquiry using the form below.

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