We provide a range of services which do not involve the use of lasers. Cosmetic services include injectables and a comprehensive range of cosmeceuticals. Medical services include ear micro-suction as well as skin cancer diagnosis and management.


Why Remedy Plus

It seemed the name “Remedy Laser” wasn’t entirely appropriate for services not involving the use of a laser, hence the moniker “Remedy Plus”.

Dr Masi is an experienced medical practitioner with nearly thirty years of experience. Prior to founding Remedy Laser, he worked at a specialised skin cancer clinic for about fifteen of those years. He continues to practice there, but now also provides the same extensive services at our Chatswood clinic. He has nearly ten years of experience with cosmetic injectables.

In keeping with our ethos of only providing the best treatments available, we have invested in state of the art equipment that allows us to provide an ear cleaning service. As many as seven percent of the population resort to having their ears syringed by a GP. Remedy Plus is pleased to offer a much safer and comfortable solution to an extremely common problem.