North Shore Mum’s Review – IncontiLase Treatment

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It’s a problem many women prefer not to talk about, but it can have some big consequences. Stress incontinence can have an impact on how confident you feel exercising, running…even laughing! When we put the call out to find an NSM who was suffering from incontinence ( Light Bladder Leakage.) We were surprised at just how many NSMs were suffering from incontinence and took the time to write detailed entries. One special reader – Belinda Mark, who suffered embarrassing and debilitating symptoms from this condition- was the brave NSM to be gifted the treatment. Since her treatment she’s got nothing but praise for Dr Masi  – read her honest review of the IncontiLase treatment from Remedy Plus Medical Clinic below.  Read the original review here on the NSM site.

I can distinctly remember the moment when I knew I had a pelvic floor problem. I had spent an idyllic day at the beach with my kids and, as we were packing up our sandy belongings, I had a choice between running to save my 2-year-old son from falling into the water or staying put on the sand. It might seem like a no-brainer that I would run to save my son, but the hesitation was caused by my fear of peeing my pants in public. Of course I ran to save him and in the process I sprung a leak. I could not get off that beach and into the car fast enough – I felt like every eye was on me. I Kegel-ed all the way home but deep down I knew I had a bigger issue than could be fixed by a few pelvic floor flexes.

Reviewer Belinda Mark says ” I knew I had bigger issues than could be fixed by a few Pelvic Floor Flexes”

Coming up with a plan

I contacted Remedy Plus Medical Clinic in Chatswood about their Incontilase treatment. Their bright new premises in Chatswood are very easy to find and nearby street parking is readily available. My first appointment with Dr Dayalan Masi was to check if I was a suitable candidate for this procedure, and I had a raft of questions to fire at Dr Masi. He answered them all in a friendly, calm manner as if he had nothing more important to do than chat with me!

How it works

Dr Dayalan Masi reassured me that although this is a relatively new procedure in Australia, it has been used overseas for more than a decade with excellent results and no significant complications. It is completely non-surgical and non-ablative (meaning there is no tissue destruction). The laser gently heats the tissue and the tightening effect is not due to any scarring, rather from a contraction of collagen fibres and ongoing new collagen production. As this continues after the treatment, it means the effects of the treatment will continue to improve for up to six months.

Dr Masi also mentioned a positive side effect reported by almost all patients: improved…umm…gratification with your partner.  And he assured me there was no pain or downtime after the procedure. Well, I’d be the judge of that!

The procedure

I approached my appointment with slight trepidation but as I walked in to a warm greeting, I felt at ease. The clinic has an attentive team who find a balance between friendly service and medical professionalism. I was led to a brightly-lit room and given a gown and eye protection. After the application of numbing gel (which needs a few minutes to do its thing), Dr Masi started the procedure. I’ll spare you the indelicate details, but suffice it to say, it is done internally and I felt a bit of prodding but no worse than a Pap smear. Seriously, it doesn’t hurt AT ALL. I felt zero pain or heat from the laser during the entire treatment or even later that day. Within 40 minutes, I was all done – no pain, no downtime, no adverse effects.

Walking back to the car, I felt like things were noticeably tighter down there already! But (and this was a big issue for me going into it) I couldn’t put my new improved pelvic floor to the test until I had finished the whole course of treatment. That meant no exercise that would put pressure on the tissues that were laying down fresh collagen. No exercise for months… ahhh! I had to try to look at the big picture and remember what the final outcome would be.

The results – No more leakage

After three treatments, each building on the last, I am now able to exercise without fear of springing a leak. It has been life-changing for me to be more active with my kids and be able to walk down the street without crossing my legs every time I need to cough or sneeze. I probably still wouldn’t risk going for a run with a full bladder, but it has been a very positive outcome for me. The clinic recommends a follow-up appointment be made after six months. On average patients require a maintenance treatment every two years.

Pelvic floor weakness is no longer hindering my lifestyle. I would highly recommend the team at Remedy Plus Medical Clinic in Chatswood and their Incontilase treatment to anyone who would like freedom from stress incontinence affecting their life.

Remedy Plus Medical Clinics know that IncontiLase treatment can help women suffering from Stress Incontinence, as such Remedy would like to extend a $500 gift to be used towards an IncontiLase treatment plan (normally $2,500).

To access this discount please call our clinic nurse, Eliza Nicholas on 9411 3352 before August 31 to book your initial consultation appointment. One phone call could change your life – for the better!

Alternatively click here to organise an appointment time via email.


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