50% off Facial Rejuvenation!

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  50% off Aspect Dr Facial Peel If you suffer from dull, lifeless or problem skin (such as congestion, dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles or pigmentation), then a chemical peel will provide the perfect skin pick-me-up you need. Peels stimulate cell … Continued

Ear Micro-Suction explained!

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Don’t suffer dry, itchy, blocked ears..   Excessive ear wax can be irritating and is a common cause of impaired hearing. At Remedy Plus, our specially trained nurses can gently and painlessly remove ear wax using an operating microscope and … Continued

Remedy Laser NightLase Interviews

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  Our radio advertisements for NightLase have been aired on radio stations such as Triple M, Smooth FM and 2GB. To listen to these advertisements click on the relevant radio station above.  

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